Ethics In Design.



Ethics play a key role within the design industry from inclusive design, designing for disability to the response from the public that could seem un ethical.

Barrier Free Design is an area of ethical design that should be considered throughout the design process and is currently thoroughly used within product design in order to cater to a range of needs. AKW is a prime example of a company that is striving to aid people with a disability while also maintaining a level of emotional comfort throughout the home. “‘Made Better’ is the phrase that runs through everything we do at AKW, the UK’s leading manufacturer of accessible bathroom, kitchen and mobility support solutions for older people, disabled and people with reduced mobility. It’s in our belief that people’s quality of life can be made better through great independent living solutions and in constantly striving to improve our already exceptional levels of customer service.” (AKW, 2017)

This level of design is considered being highly ethical. Ethical Design can take shape in many forms, while AKW directly effected someone in need other companies are portraying ethical design through their marketing strategies. The innocent BIG Knit has raised awareness for the elderly in winter while also raising 1.9 million pounds for age UK ”For every behatted smoothie sold, the Big Knit campaign donates 25p to Age UK to help keep older people warm and well over winter. The colder months can be tough for a lot of people – as many as 25,000 older people’s lives are at risk because of the cold.” (,2017)


Although a lot of positives can come of ethical design there are many companies that are deemed by the public to be un-ethical, a clear example of this is the trident nuclear deterrent that has been designed by the MOD, A lot of the negativity or positivity perhaps has been highly represented of the persons political stance. “It’s doubly immoral because George Osborne is obviously happy to cut the poor, while continuing to line the pockets of big businesses like Jacobs.”But also because investing in weapons of mass destruction is illegal and immoral.”The AWE contract is said to represent among the biggest profit margins within the Jacobs business portfolio. (, 2017)


From the points above it could be suggested that ethical design can be highly opinionated on political stance, unless it is directly positive on society ­­­­­such as the work that Innocent do on their market campaigns.