Global perspectives on Design.

There are many ways globalisation can impact design, whether it’s through the role design plays globally or how companies target cultures in order to enhance sales and their consumer base. Or whether they are just bringing diverse cultures together with a range of similarities in product form.


Cultural Identity has always played a key role in design and marketing, Apple in 2015 brought cultures together through a similarity they all share, the I phone camera. “Like every Shot on iPhone ad, all the images and videos featured in “The Human Family” were taken on an iPhone. The poem is fitting for an Apple ad, given the company’s public support for human rights and making the world a better place.” (Bell, 2017)

As you can see here Apple’s strategy was to break the boundaries and build relations through the products they design.

Apple have been Fairly ground breaking when it comes to global charities, the RED foundation “In 2006, Bono and Bobby Shriver began paving the way for a new generation. An AIDS free generation. They founded (RED) with a simple mission, to make it easy for people and businesses to join the fight against the deadly virus.” (RED), 2017)

By Gaining the influence of such brands as Nike, Apple, Armani and other famous brands pushes people to support the vulnerable in need through the use of product consumerism, there are many positive and negative effects of this strategy of charity. “In Product (RED), celebrities are moving attention away from “conscious consumption” (based on product information) and towards “compassionate consumption” (based on emotional appeal). To us, this is even more problematic than the risk of negative media attention that celebrities bring to development aid.” (, 2017)

As can be seen from the previous reference marketing and design of this relativity can really add emotion to consumerism, and empathetically persuading the public to consume more, for a good cause.

Despite this there are still Positive outcomes of global design, events such as cultural design exchanges, These can educate and inspire people from completely diverse cultures to take inspiration from what they are doing in design in their part of the world. The Tate modern has been described as a place that holds similar characteristics. “A building that was once London’s beating heart is now its cultural cathedral.” (, 2017)

Overall the Global perspective on Design can be portrayed in many different forms and has been primarily projected through emotion, with the intent to help and promote problems in our everyday society.